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Love Shelter! v1.0.6 MOD APK (Menu, Free Cost, Ressource)


Love Shelter! v1.0.6 MOD APK (Menu, Free Cost, Ressource)

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Love Shelter!
App Name Love Shelter!
Genre Strategy
Size 120 MB
Latest Version 1.0.6
Requires Android 7 +
Content Rating Rate For 5 +
MOD Info Menu, Free Cost, Ressource
Original APK Google Play
Verified Link Mod Safe Verified

About Love Shelter! v1.0.6 MOD APK (Menu, Free Cost, Ressource)

Love Shelter!Love Shelter!Love Shelter!Love Shelter!Love Shelter!

Love Shelter MOD APK – offers a post-apocalyptic journey where you shape the future, fortify your shelter, and forge intimate connections.

This game is made based on the apocalyptic theme that everyone loves. But Love Shelter exploits the story in a unique direction. The apocalypse gradually affects people’s lives more unexpectedly. There was no disaster, no war. There were no gunshots, no blood flowing, no flames burning everywhere. Men around the world are gradually degenerating and disappearing. A genetic disease is silently attacking the world. You are one of the remaining healthy men. The task of saving the world is in your hands.


Vivid Worldbuilding: Love Shelter creates a fantasy world where men are on the brink of extinction. Perhaps this is the most unimaginable future one can think of. A cruel world without the presence of power.

Immersion: It immediately thrusts the player into a world where they must act immediately. Players don’t have time to think; they must act before it becomes too late.

Moral Dilemmas: The game gives players many mysterious stories that must be discovered. Things hidden behind must gradually be answered, pushing you into unique situations. Social dynamics and moral dilemmas force players to demonstrate intelligence and skillful behavior.


Satisfaction: With this unique theme, players must use all their skills to survive. Gradually, people will need your existence to develop, and your reputation will be increasingly strengthened. Furthermore, it’s also interesting to see the homebase growing more and more thanks to your help.

Motivation: But don’t be too cocky; the bigger the base, the more resources it needs. That powerful drug helps motivate you to explore the world and earn more resources.

Creativity: The game allows players to design their base according to their preferences. It may be more beautiful than you imagine because the game’s resources are extremely rich and diverse.


Complex Interactions: The most attractive aspect of this game is its social interactions. You will be pushed into extremely difficult situations and must resolve them appropriately. More than 40 characters gradually appear, making the game take many different turns.

Replayability: Every decision you make leads to a completely different future. This branch will also lead to a completely different ending to the story. If the outcome is unexpected, you can go back and play again. Play until you get the ending you want.

Storytelling: Thanks to the branching story, it will lead you to separate stories. Moral choices will challenge you anytime, anywhere.


Impactful Decisions: Love Shelter is built on choices. A situation that occurs has several ways to react to it. Will you choose the way your morality tells you? This will make your decision feel truly impactful.

Play Styles: With your current position, you have a huge advantage. Will you choose to become a savior or a cruel tyrant? Or a person torn between power and responsibility? Each choice you make is a test for you to test yourself.

Relationships: The romance/intimacy system will interest players when you can easily establish emotional relationships with women around them. It helps players feel the excitement of social interactions carried over to romance.

Replay Value: The more people you interact with, the more likely you realize you like many things. Therefore, every decision will force you to give up one thing or another. The game can be played repeatedly to find the perfect path for yourself.

Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game, app to work properly
You are now ready to download Love Shelter! v1.0.6 MOD APK (Menu, Free Cost, Ressource) for free. Here are some notes:

To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

Love Shelter MOD APK – offers a post-apocalyptic journey where you shape the future, fortify your shelter, and forge intimate connections.

1. Menu
2. Free Cost
4. Reward Slider x1-x100
4.1. Every Chest Gives items x1-100
4.2. Buy ressource(Metal/Stone) to gain x1-x100
4.3. Every Achievemt gives items x1-x100
4.4 Every quest Reward gives x1-x100

ex.: the original amount is 10 Gems. The reward you can see is 1000 Gems and you get 100 Gems.

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